Breast Health Priority

This section is appropriately named Breast Health Priority to show its importance. The breast area is not addressed by many healthcare professionals but Kerryleegh has included it in her practice and refers to it as Breast Health Priority to bring awareness to the availability of treatment for this ‘forgotten’ area.

As a Massage Therapist, Kerryleegh recognizes that proper drainage is key for the health of the whole body including the breast. You might be surprised to hear how often it has helped a chronic shoulder!

Breast Health Self Care Map

The Breast Health Self Care Map is included to bring awareness that a Journal is a way for you to keep track of any unusual  traits. It  can be used to show your medical team any patterns that have been developing.  You’re invited to print it off and make copies.

Kerryleegh uses Thermography as a tool to show the changes in breast lymphatic drainage over time. (See More)

Thermography image of breast

FEBRUARY 7, 2009

Thermography image of breast

MAY 9, 2009

The video “Breast Cancer, Are we winning the battle?” is a recording done in 2006 by Dr. Laura Esserman MD MBA. Dr. Esserman talks honestly about how medicine is not a prevention, only detection and that breast cancer in not one disease, but many diseases. She shares how Europe does only one squeeze in the Mammogram process and has the same outcome with less trauma to the breast, whereas North America continues to do both vertical and horizontal compression. She says that medicine can over-treat, giving toxic therapies that are more than are needed because they have them at their disposal. Dr. Esserman speaks honestly and informatively in just under an hour. In my opinion, the information is very well presented.

Kerryleegh has presented Breast Health to groups in the past with models and a Powerpoint slideshow to demonstrate the importance of knowing and caring for your breasts. Contact Kerryleegh if you want more information about Breast Health presented to your group or organization.

Most importantly the message is simply take time to know your breasts and check them regularly.