In my experience there is never “one” system that is affected in the area you are experiencing your difficulties. All parts of you rely on each other to do their jobs, and when this is not occurring, it can be the reason for stress in that area as well as throughout the body. My training is in working interactively with the entire body. To illustrate how this works, let’s compare the body to a house to show the complexity and the simplicity of a treatment.

  • house as metaphor for therapiesFoundation and Framing – bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and skin
    Muscle Energy Techniques, Biomechanical Regulators, Bone Bruise technique, Strain Counter Strain, ligament and tendon therapy and Swedish massage.
  • Plumbing and Heating – organs, glands and the lymphatic system
    Visceral Manipulation / Visceral System (cardiac, digestive, urogenital, immune, pulmonary, detoxification etc.), Lymphatic Drainage
  • Electrical – veins, arteries, and nerves
    Neural Tissue Tension for the Central and Peripheral Nervous system, Advanced Strain Counter Strain for the Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Insulation – connective tissue and fascia
    Myofascial Release, Fascial Regulators, Fascial Strands
  • Windows and Doors – eyes and other senses, cerebral spinal fluid and the soul/spirit
    Cranial Sacral Therapy/Cranial Therapy
  • Doorbell – emotions and hormones
    SomatoEmotional Release (SER), Self Regulation Therapy (SRT), Integrative Diagnostics for Applied Psychosynthesis (IDAP)
  • Computer – mind and intellect
    Myofascial Mapping, Manual Perceptions, Manual Lymphatic Mapping, General Listening, Local Listening, Postural Analysis and the re-education with Neurofascial Process and Remedial Exercises.

*Please note that many of the techniques could fall into ALL of the categories, that NOT all of my studies have been included and that there are more categories than our house analogy.