As a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Kerryleegh provides an Integrated Approach to manual therapy by treating the person, not just their symptoms, thereby improving freedom of movement and enhancing quality of life. The clinic is located in her home town, downtown Beausejour, about 45 minutes east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is wheelchair accessible and family-friendly.

As a member in good standing with the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM) since 1990, your receipt will include the registration number which is recognized by third-party insurance companies for reimbursement if you have massage therapy coverage.

The Therapeutic Process

The therapeutic process I practise is an Integrated Approach to wellness. You are looking to improve your unbalanced condition, to RECLAIM your natural good health. Because you have had to compensate for this condition, you will need to RETRAIN your body in order to REBALANCE successfully.

The Integrated Approach encompasses the many systems of the body. Biomechanics are affected by many factors: joints, ligaments, muscles/tendons, fascia, lymph, cranial, viscera (organs), stress, inflammation as well as dehydration and nutrition. The Integrated Approach treats the whole person.

Meeting people who have a desire and interest to be active participants in their wellness is what I find most rewarding. By being proactive you are:

  • more involved in the treatment plan process,
  • more engaged in the treatment itself,
  • more understanding of why the treatment plan is designed the way it is, and why there are rehabilitation exercises at home.

What to Expect

My integrated approach to therapy developed because I believed there must be a more effective way to feel better. The body is made up many inter-dependent systems. It only makes sense to treat as many as possible with effective techniques that people enjoy.

If you want to enhance your quality of life – try a Massage.

For your convenience, I am using a secure online system for scheduling and charting. The new software system allows you to book your Therapy appointments Online 24/7.

You are invited to make your appointments with me by your preferred choice:

You will receive an email confirmation after you have booked and a reminder email the day before your TREATment.

After 32 years in practice, I’d have to say I’ve fine tuned my critical thinking toward TREATment and I’m looking forward to the changes that can be yours!

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Kerryleegh k Hildebrandtt, RMT LCSP (Phys) Beausejour, MB

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Let’s look forward to the changes that can be yours!