Balance is key

a Balance road sign

How do you stay in Balance?

Weekends to me are my chance to catch up professionally and personally. I’ve shared with many of you the story of the Mason Jar. Within any given time frame there is the opportunity to evaluate what you want and need to get done or accomplish. Occasionally the two are in conflict.
What Needs to be Done VS What You Want to Do

This week I’m looking forward to attending a presentation: The Biology of Loss with Dr. Gabor Maté from the perspective of trauma and neuroplasticity (change the brain).

The session will surely be amazing. I’ve been listening to the keynote speaker from previous recordings and reading one of his books. I’ll be in the company of personal contacts of other professionals from Massage Therapists, Social workers, Counsellors, Resource/teachers.
A professional community of empathetic support systems coming together to explore the effects of stress from conception to death with the opportunity for learning, meeting and making new connections.

What do you keep in balance?

  • Family,
  • Self development
  • Work, Career, Education
  • Leisure,
  • Friends,
  • Health,
  • Community,
  • Groups

What order do you put them in?

Does the order ever change?

Can we balance our physical self and our inner self?

In a previous post on the Centre of Gravity you’ll be able to see how our body intelligently stays dynamically in balance. Thankfully the area of neuroplasticity (change the brain) continues to grow and 21st medicine approaches have grown too. To me this means by changing our present our future doesn’t have to be the same as our past. To some more than others – this means HOPE.

The question that comes to my mind is, ‘What resiliency tools do we (really) need to stay in balance with our responsibilities, challenges and goals to accomplish and enjoy the journey?’

I look forward to your comments.