Blog Housekeeping Guidelines

Thanks for keeping it Clean (1)

Just like we keep our homes, our vehicles and our Bodies clean… here are some general 

Blog Housekeeping Guidelines.

Lets be mindful to use language and opinions that is considerate of others.

I’m excited to hear from you. This is your personal invitation to comment, participate and make suggestions on the Blog. It’s kind of like cooking – sometimes you just want someone else to make a suggestion on what to eat. I love researching topics,  then ‘Kerryleegh-izing’ the information by meshing it with my knowledge and experience to use during TREATments (and life).


Some of You have expressed how it affects you to see other Massage Therapists with testimonials in print or online and want to help me by giving me one. Unfortunately, one of the professional associations that I belong to prohibits members from receiving Testimonials. This means you are encouraged to comment on a post in discussions and even ask questions, but if you say anything that looks like a testimonial or recommendation, I am obligated to remove it.

Through my 27 years in practice, it’s been appreciated when you refer me to your family, friends and colleagues in your personal discussions. I want you to know I REALLY do appreciate the amazing people you refer to me. Thank-you!


In accordance with the new anti-spam legislation you will need to “sign up” giving your permission to receive the website news and information sent to your email address. Please note you’re able to opt out any time. It will contain therapeutic comments, celebrating noteworthy occasions or general information to share.

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Please enJOY the site it was made with you in mind. Now lets have some fun on this site by starting with your ideas of some posts you’d enjoy. Have your say using the Blog Housekeeping Guidelines!

~ Kerryleegh