Therapeutic Breast Massage

Breast Massage for gentle and efficient breast care

It is time for gentle and efficient breast care to be brought into the realm of accepted practice. Armed with knowledge and a clear understanding of boundaries, we can eliminate the controversy surrounding this legitimate, necessary therapeutic application.

Breast Health Priority

This section is appropriately named Breast Health Priority to show its importance. The breast area is not addressed by many healthcare professionals but Kerryleegh has included it in her practice and refers to it as Breast Health Priority to bring awareness to the availability of treatment for this 'forgotten' area. As a Massage Therapist, Kerryleegh recognizes that proper drainage is ...

Breast Health: Lymphatic Drainage Case Study

breast health

To show the changes of the breast lymphatic drainage I chose thermography as it provided the reader a visual reference. Since that time the procedure has received negative local press but it is still being used in other parts of the world. In all my comments please note that I am not trained to read Thermography™. The medical report that accompanied …