Therapeutic Breast Massage

Breast Massage for gentle and efficient breast care

It is time for gentle and efficient breast care to be brought into the realm of accepted practice. Armed with knowledge and a clear understanding of boundaries, we can eliminate the controversy surrounding this legitimate, necessary therapeutic application.

Body Language for 2015

Did you set goals for 2015? Some refer to their goals set at a the beginning of a new year as New Years Resolutions. Have you ever thought futher about how to follow through on your goals to ensure their success? Someone once said, 'fake it til you make it'. Initially when I heard it said I evaluated it on ...

Massage Therapy Reservations

Massage Therapy Reservations
They say, "Out with the OLD and in with the NEW". In this case it's true, effective immediately the Clinic is pleased to offer Massage Therapy Reservations online. The new software system allows you to book your Therapy appointments Online 24/7. You are invited to make your appointments with me by your preferred choice; Self-Serve Online booking reservation Email Phone (204) ...