In this profile I wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know me a little bit better. It is a story of how I got to this place in my career. So, if you are looking for credentials and education you may want to go to my Education section.

I have been involved in health and wellness for most of my life. I feel truly blessed by the opportunities that I have had in my studies and the ability to share my passion with my family, friends and clients. My interest in this field began in 1986, eventually leading to formal studies in Massage Therapy and graduation in 1990. Since that time I have been on a continuous journey into the integrated systems of holistic health.

My background in health began in Grade 8 at a nursing home working with geriatrics as a Certified Nurses’ Aide (CNA) and spanned over the next 18 years. This later led to working in a general hospital setting for long and short-term care in emergency, obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery, palliative care as well as geriatrics. For many years I was fortunate to work in CSR (Central Supply for surgery, emergency and general needs) where I further developed an understanding of the importance of efficiency and priorities. These years of working within time restrictions allowed me to gain valuable insight into the concept of emergencies and the importance of acting immediately, making my assessments more efficient. This experience has helped to form my work ethic that guides me in my clinic to this day.

When I first take on a new client, I begin by engaging the individual in a consultation process to get a better understanding of all the pieces of the puzzle. This will eventually reveal the bigger picture, as often there are multiple ‘themes’ in the body that are similar. It took me many years to understand that my approach was quite different from that of my peers. In my opinion a successful treatment results from keen observation, listening and careful assessment.

In order to achieve my intended results, I often need to utilize treatment protocols that veer slightly off from where the client feels the problem is in order to address the overall issue. This ‘back door’ approach of working in related areas allows the dysfunctional target structures a chance to release in response to enhancing the natural rhythms elsewhere.

That said, I am very much a bullseye ‘target’ locator! Clients regularly make comments like “I didn’t know it hurt until you touched it” and “you have magic hands”. But believe me, there is no magic involved; rather it is all about being sensitive to the ‘story’ going on inside you!

For one year I worked in the mental health field as a trainer and saw how important it is to change one’s environment. When there was conflict for a resident, one way of changing their behaviour was by physically leaving the space. As a Remedial Massage Therapist (RMT) who deals with soft tissues, I am able to change the ‘environment’ through biomechanics, decreased pain signal, lymphatic drainage, balance of muscle tone, etc. This way, when working on a client’s goals, these changes do contribute to an improved or softened outlook on life.

My involvement in sports on various different levels (as an athlete, a Level 2 coach, a trainer/RMT and an official) has broadened my understanding of people and the conditions they present. Consequently, I can appreciate how sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents and repetitive strain injuries are similar even if caused by something so vastly different.

While most of my practice is drawn from Southern Manitoba, I am pleased to accommodate many clients who drive or fly long distances to receive the treatment they need. As mentioned above, I have developed an efficiency in my assessment and treatment protocols that enables working within limited and restricted time frames.

I am interested in supporting your quality of life. Normally I let you decide when you want to book your next session, but if I see indications that you need to see me or another specialist caregiver sooner, I will definitely bring it to your attention.

jordieAs always, Jordie and I look forward to meeting you at the door when you are ready to reclaim, retrain and rebalance!