Welcome to Kerryleegh.ca

Welcome to the Clinic’s new website, where you can stay in touch with Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt RMT in your pursuit to Reclaim, Retrain and Rebalance your quality of life.

That’s right, there is a new website representing the clinic kerryleegh.ca. While the old website was well received and appreciated, the updated site is WordPress and with it my new blog. A blog is a series of posts where each post contains a single topic including information, links and/or pictures. You are welcome to comment, sadly testimonials are not permitted by my professional association.

If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for topics – I look forward to hearing from you! Please take a moment to read important general Blog Housekeeping Guidelines for Our site.

There has been lots of changes at the clinic in the last couple of years, some patients have already forgotten what it looked like! The full-length overhang and sign were removed, and the roofline has been remodeled. We took the properties of the mural and wrapped it around the front. One great new improvement is that if the sign beside the door says either OPEN, come on in or if it says BY APPOINTMENT ONLY you know the clinic isn’t open yet and you can stay in the comfort of your car.

As one of your healthcare team I’m pleased to be able to provide you with resources and updates to keep your wellness program up to date. Each patient has different needs, some I see more frequently than others. To bridge the gap and keep current with you I have a number of ways to stay connected: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Even if you are not a Facebook member you can review my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Kerryleegh.RMT. Business pages are viewable by everyone but only those with an account can comment or Like posts. In addition, I can send notifications from the website directly to you by email, provided that you agree to receiving them.

Canada has recently instituted a strict law regarding spam that puts you in charge! If you want to stay connected with my posts please subscribe. You make changes any time. Topics will vary between information, holidays and news in general. Blog posts will come to you a couple of times a month.

Gosh, you can even do a SEARCH on the new site to make it easier for you to find the info you’re looking for. The page length may surprise you on how long they are,  so keep scrolling down the page to the end …..

I hope you enJOY the site it was made with you in mind.