Highway Traffic Act changes as of September 12, 2014

Patients come from across the province and further to the Clinic to see Kerryleegh for Massage Therapy.

We want to make sure you all get here and back safe and sound. That’s why its important to share this message. As of September 12, 2014 the Manitoba Government is enforcing a new Infrastructure and Transportation law Protecting First Responders

Drive Safe, See you Soon

The Manitoba government has amended the Highway Traffic Act to provide greater safety to the province’s first responders.

Currently, drivers travelling on the same side of the road as stopped emergency vehicles, tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles, and vehicles operated by government enforcement officers with their beacons flashing are required to slow down. Drivers travelling on a multi-lane highway must also move to a lane farther from emergency vehicles and only pass emergency vehicles when it is safe to do so.

Effective September 12, 2014, drivers, on either side of an undivided highway, who pass emergency vehicles and other vehicles that are stopped with their beacons flashing, will be required to slow down to the following maximum speeds:

  • 40 km/hr on highways with posted maximum speed limits below 80 km/hr
  • 60 km/hr on highways with posted maximum speed limits of 80 km/hr or greater

Drivers that do not follow these safety measures may be subject to a total fine of $299.65 and two demerit points on their driver safety rating.