Like the internal movements of a watch that we don’t always see, we too are in constant motion. The body has a very dynamic relationship with structure and function, and is able to adapt and compensate so that we can accomplish what we need to do everyday. So, when there is a restriction within the layers of the body, the hard frame (muscles and bones) for example – will spasm/contract/ relocate to protect the more fragile and delicate soft frame body parts such as the arteries, veins, glands, nerves and viscera (organs).

I imagine the muscles and bones to act like ‘body guards’ that protect us from being hurt further by restricting our movements!

All current literature points to the fact that the body works as one harmonious system, rather than a collective grouping of separate parts. As an overview to the techniques described in Manual Therapies and Techniques each modality is used as an interactive tool in the therapeutic process. This means that with an integrated approach, I can ‘change channels’ to keep up with your current needs and use the appropriate skill/technique to address each situation as they present during your body’s corrections and rebalances.