Therapeutic Breast Massage

Breast Massage for gentle and efficient breast care
Breast Massage for gentle and efficient breast care

Are you aware of therapeutic Breast Massage?

Clinical Indicators concerning the Breast:

  •   General drainage.
  •   Pre/post menstrual pain.
  •   Breast swelling and/or congestion.
  •   Discomforts of pregnancy and/or lactation.
  •   Blocked milk ducts (contraindicated if mastitis).
  •   Pre/post surgery including breast augmentation or reduction.
  •   Symptomatic relief of pain.
  •   Promotion of good quality scarring and relief of adhered/restrictive/painful scarring.
  •   Common benign breast conditions.
  •   Assistance with breast health.
  •   Rehabilitation from cancer treatment.

SHOUT OUT for 2 great events in October:

From October 23-29, 2016 to celebrate both Massage Therapy Awareness Week and Breast Awareness Month I’m offering Therapeutic Breast Massage for $63  if booked this week and completed by November 30/16.
*one appointment per client at this rate.

My education includes Lymphatic Drainage and massage for the breast as well as a personal case history I did that was done for 10 minutes, once a week for 6 weeks. Click here to see the results

At your Breast Massage appointment, we’ll begin as any appointment does; with your history and expectations  with time for any questions you might have before you give me your consent.

Next step is to begin the treatment;

A relaxing Massage for your neck, shoulders, and abdomen, before beginning with the chest, breast tissue and ribs. You’ll have the option to put a comfortable pillow under your knees, a cozy blanket over your lower body and have a warm fireplace on beside you.

“It is time for gentle and efficient breast care to be brought into the realm of accepted practice. Armed with knowledge and a clear understanding of boundaries, we can eliminate the controversy surrounding this legitimate, necessary therapeutic application.”
– Massage Therapy Today, By Bruno Chikly, MD, DO (hon.)

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If you've never received one, you don't know what you're missing

If you’re interested in receiving a therapeutic Breast Massage you will be able to book up to November 30, 2016 BUT this special rate will only be on my service menu until October 29, 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact me either by email or phone.

I look forward to the changes that can be yours!
Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt RMT