Sometimes we just need to be inspired to help us think outside of the box.

In my experience if we want to look at something we need to look into a subject from many aspects or angles to see the bigger picture. Sometimes this will help us look at things differently.

Science only relies on the minimum of 51% accuracy to make it a fact. That’s just not good enough for me to believe in and so I do my due diligence to investigate and challenge a concept to discern how I feel about it.

In therapy it’s not wise to continually break something down, we need to resource and uplift for balance. You decide when you need to smile, be inspired and be informed.

If we do today, what we did yesterday, then tomorrow won’t be any different.

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Coconut Oil

This Cooking Oil is a Powerful Virus-Destroyer and Antibiotic…

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TED Talks

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Genetically Modified Foods

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Dr. Gabor Mate speaking at the Neuroplasticity and Education conference – 2013

In 2015 I was able to hear Dr. Mate in person. He gave a similar message opening the conversation on ‘collect to connect’ and the importance of ‘attachment’ to regulate our physiology.

Specifically I encourage you to listen to his description of the pre-frontal cortex (13.53), amygdala and hippocampus (memory). These are structures in the brain that I have studied from a variety of teachers and approaches which lead to conditions affecting kids that may have longterm affects on our adult health, relationships and longevity.

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